After 21 years of private practice, I have decided to close the practice to make room for new professional opportunities in my career.  Through the years and across four states, it has been my privilege to know and to assist countless small and family businesses with their legal needs.   But as with all things there must come an end.

Therefore, if you have been a client and you need to reach me to obtain records, please write me directly at the e-mail address you have always used sometime before the end of this year.

Thank you for everything!

Susan Billeaud

October 8, 2021


Attorney Susan Billeaud has helped thousands of businesses like yours get started and grow the right way.  Based in Atlanta, Georgia, Susan understands the needs of privately-held businesses and meets them with the experience, responsiveness, accountability, and budgetary controls business owners appreciate!

“As an Atlanta business attorney, I am on a mission to provide high-quality legal services which facilitate of the growth and prosperity of the businesses I serve and their owners.”

The firm serves the needs of businesses in a wide variety of industries and locations with general “outside” counsel matters, as well as specific services, like WBE, MBE, and DBE certification, procurement and sales contracts, NDAs, and buy-sell agreementsbusiness planning, entity selection and formation, asset protection,  idea protection and licensing, and regulatory compliance.

“First, we work collaboratively with our small, mid-sized, and family-owned business clients to create the results they want. Second, we educate business owners by teaching them how business law can work for them.”

We offer representation in the areas specifically tailored to meet the needs of small, mid-sized, family-owned, and start-up businesses in Atlanta, the following areas:

  • Business Law – Our clients range from zero- to 200-employee enterprises in industries such as manufacturing, materials handling, logistics and trucking, oil field service, commercial and residential real estate, construction and renovation, and irrigation and landscaping to trade show production, performing arts, professional and computer services, and private boarding schools.
  • WBE, MBE, and DBE Certification & Post-Certification Transactions – The process of becoming certified as a Woman-Owned, Minority-Owned, or Disadvantaged Business Enterprise can be daunting for many business owners–particularly when the business is co-owned or controlled by males, non-minorities, or non-disadvantaged owners or others. If its application for certification is rejected, the business may sidelined for up to a year before reapplication can be processed. And if certification is granted, there are many triggering events that can result in decertification and the potential loss of contracts obtained in reliance upon that certification. Contact the Atlanta Business Attorney for help navigating the pitfalls of application as well as perils of post-certification acquisitions, financing, succession planning, joint venturing, etc.
  • Contract Preparation, Review, & Negotiation – Agreements literally are the foundation of every business. A properly drafted contract can help the parties address misunderstandings before they arise and can clarify everyone’s position in the event of a dispute. Work with the Atlanta Business Attorney to be sure your agreements are tailored to meet your needs and aren’t just someone else’s cookie cutter solution.
  • Regulations & Compliance: the intersection of Business and Government – Regulations are everywhere–especially in business. Whether a given regulation applies to you may depend upon your employees, customers, industry, and so on. While many aspects of regulatory compliance can be handled by your business and its staff, identifying which regulations apply to you is often the tricky part. That’s where the Atlanta Business Attorney comes in! We can help you identify applicable regulations and learn what steps you should take to efficiently and effectively ensure compliance…now and as your business grows.
  • New Business, Start-up & Joint Venture Planning – New businesses present an opportunity to engage particularly effective liability protection strategies. For a relatively small investment, you can ensure the smooth operation of your new enterprise going forward. Our experience as the Atlanta Business Attorney can help you anticipate and avoid challenges you may not foresee on your own. We’ve been there and can help you with that!
  • Entity Selection & Business Organization – Whether your business is new or a going-concern, appropriate selection and formation of corporations, limited liability companies and other entities can result in reduced or controlled taxation and superior liability protection. Our Atlanta Business Lawyer can help guide you through the available options, given your entire asset and risk profile, and prepare your company to ensure the best fit with you current and future goals.
  • Acquisitions & Divestment of Business Assets or Ownership – There is no such thing as a business sale so simple that it should be handled without counsel. Even the gift of an ownership interest in a business can have unforeseen consequences. We have the Atlanta Business Attorney who can help protect your personal assets and ensure that the deal you think you are getting is the one you end up with.
  • Custom Risk Management and Wealth Protection Planning & Strategies – Prosperity can bring on a new set of worries–how to protect your new wealth while facilitating growth. Not to worry! Our primary expertise as the Atlanta Business Attorney means we can provide a total asset protection solution using limited liability entities, trusts and succession planning for your business and its owners.
  • Employment & Independent Contractor Agreements – If you have a business, you likely have or will have employees. Work with an Atlanta Business Lawyer to ensure you handle your responsibilities as employer properly and avoid the liability that so often accompanies hiring the help you need to run your enterprise.

Our goal is to provide effective and cost-efficient legal solutions to you and your business. Also, check out our Business Law Blog or “Blawg” for information prepared by Susan on a wide variety of subjects you may find immediately useful in your business.

We hope you will find our site informative and useful. If you have any questions about any information on this site or would just like to discuss your situation, please call 404-558-7771 or write us through our convenient contact form.