Big News in Small Business Government Contracting

summary analysis of a major new rule change by the SBA regarding small business government contracting. The new rules are designed to improve participation by small businesses in government contracts by providing that

  • Teaming and joint venture arrangements exceed size only when one of the team members is too large;
  • Procurement Center Representatives located at federal agencies and military bases are required to take steps to ensure maximum participation by small businesses, including permitting PCRs to receive unsolicited proposals from small businesses;
  • Large primes now much notify small business subcontractors in writing when they are relied upon in proposals, bids, offers, or subcontracting plans;
  • Whistleblower protections are also strengthened;
  • When the value of the contract is greater than $150,000, small businesses may not pay more than 50% of the contract amount to businesses “that are not similarly situated” without a waiver under limited circumstances; and
  • Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) joint ventures with other small businesses may now compete for SDVOSB set-asides or sole source contracts.
If you have any questions about these issues or anything else related to government contracting and are in the State of Georgia, please do reach out to the very knowledgeable team at GTPAC for more information.]]>

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