Business Successions

Business Successions, Transitions & Exit Planning.

Just as in your personal dealings, a good business succession plan is vital to ensuring the security of your business assets at the end of your tenure with your enterprise. Will your company be run on behalf of your family by a key employee? Will your company be sold to someone else or will a family member be groomed to follow in your footsteps? There are also circumstances under which a business succession can be paired with other planning strategies such as:

that can actually create more value for the business and its founders than merely passing on ownership.  Talk to the Atlanta Business Attorney about how succession planning is about first looking all of the possibilities. How your succession is set-up and how it will be carried out should be planned carefully with attorneys well-versed in the practical and tax implications of your decisions.

Don’t leave your company’s future to chance!  Plan it now with the Atlanta Business Attorney.

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